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Website Estimate Form Website Design + Standard Hosting + Advertise With Us

If you are unfamiliar with the cost and mechanics of advertising your business on the Internet via a website and are interested in obtaining an estimate from us to design, create, manage, host or advertise your website on the Internet, please complete this form and send it to us and we will reply to you with an accurate estimate of the cost to accomplish your website objectives.

Prior to sending us this form, you should have some knowledge of a domain name.

Before you get started, please note the following:
  • We will estimate your cost based on the services and features you need and/or select.
  • If needed, we will transfer your hosting, register your domain name, and setup your account for you.
  • We can usually have your new or existing website up and working in a few days.
  • We can transfer your website hosting services with no down-time.
  • Discount advertisement opportunities are available for our website hosting customers.
  • Our goal is to make your website a great success or we both lose money.

  1. Personal And Contact Information... * required
Your Name: 
Company Name: 
Company City: 
Email Address: 
 Is Your Business Located In Chester County? Yes   or   No

  2. Preliminary Website Information... * required
 In Regard To Your Website Estimate...(please check one)
Estimate Does NOT Apply To An Existing Website.
Estimate Is To Transfer My Existing Website.
  Website Address (URL):  * if applicable

  3. Business And Website Information...
  How Would You Describe Your Business?
  What Is Your Position In This Project?
  What Is Your Estimated Time-frame?
  How Would You Describe Your Website?
  Primary Purpose Of Your Website?
  Estimated Size Of Your Website?
  Will You Need To Register A Domain Name? Yes No Not Sure
  Will You Need Access To Update Pages? Yes No Not Sure
  Do You Know What You Want In A Website? Yes No Not Sure
  Do You Already Advertise With Brochures, etc.? Yes No Not Sure
  Will Your Website Require A Lot Of Pictures? Yes No Not Sure
  Will We Create And Update Your Pages? Yes No Not Sure
  Will We Host Your Website? Yes No Not Sure
  What Is Your Prime Market Area?

  4. Website Hosting And Promotion...
Mobile Website (for browsers such as Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, and Blackberry)
Full-Service Website (design, creation, maintenance, hosting, POP3 email, advertisement)
Website Hosting Only (hosting, POP3 email, advertisement)
Website Hosting
POP3 Email Accounts
POP3 Secure Email Accounts
Email Alias Or Forwarding
Email Catch-All
Email AutoResponders
Mail Lists Or Groups
Website Promotion Search Engine Image Advertisement Banner Advertisement Business Advertisement Hypertext Links
Banner Exchange With Others
Link Exchange With Others
Search Engine Submissions
Directory Listings

  5. Website Content, Function And Features...
Company Logo Design and Creation
Business Or Corporate Information
Existing Marketing Literature And Graphics
Periodic Newsletters or Information
Regularly Released Information
Frequently Asked Questions List

Display Inventory Online
Update Inventory Online
Accept Credit Card Payment Online
Accept Orders Using An Email Form

Audio (sound)
Video or Movie Clips
VBScript Or Active X Controls
Animation (animated graphics)
Affiliate Programs
Website GuestBook
Website Calendar
Website Search Engine
Website Chat (online)
Website BBS (bulletin board)
Website Exam or Quiz
Surveys, Polls, Questionnaires
Email Forms (such as this one)
Free For All Links
eMail List Manager
Banner Rotation Program
Custom CGI/Perl Program
Visit Counter Statistics


  6. How You Found Us And Additional Information...
  How Did You Find Our Website?
Please briefly describe your business and website expectations
and provide any additional information that will help us
more accurately estimate your website cost:

Website Advertisement:  Check box, to contact you about website advertisement.
Website Management:  Check box, to contact you about website management.
Website Transfer:  Check box, to contact you about website transfer.
Website Hosting:  Check box, to contact you about website hosting.
Urgency:  Check box, if this request is urgent!
Send Copy:  Check box, to send you a copy of this email.

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