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What Is The Hit Counter Report? Advertise With Us + Website Promotion + Software Sites

The Chester County Sites hit counter report is a website or page hit counter program and communication tool. We have created and support a hit counter program that counts each visit to any page(s) that contains the hit counter code, usually only the home page. The report is automatically emailed to the recipient either daily or on a specific day of each week reporting a full week summary of hit activity.
If you would like to receive or cancel this report, please contact us.

By default, a new visit, return visit, or reload causes the counter to increment by 1. When counting page hits on several pages, the counter is accumulative per website not per page. We maintain a personal counter file for each website hosted with us. This service is free for all of our hosting customers.
Complete website statistics are also available and free for all of our website hosting customers.

The hit counter report serves several purposes:
  • A week-at-a-glance status of your website activity.
    Reports daily total hits (last 7 days), weekly total and average hits (last 7 days), and total accumulated hits (since counter was installed). This particular counter is very accurate and can be either visible or invisible on your website.
  • An internal website activity monitoring tool.
    We can configure the counter to send us a copy of your emailed report when the counter program reports less than a certain number for any day. We are informed that a particular website may not be listed with the major search engines to our expectations.
  • A random server reliability checker.
    The hit counter report is emailed to each member using their domain email address. If an email address is rejected when the counter program attempts to sends the email report, an email rejection notification message is sent directly to our technical support department.
  • A communication tool for you to easily contact us.
    You can easily contact us any day by simply replying to the emailed counter report with your message. Our email address is plugged into the "send to" field of your email client when replying to the emailed counter report.
  • A communication tool for us to easily inform all members of new services or other relevant information when applicable.
    We can add a link to the hit counter report linking to the page containing more details about the new service or important information or we can include a broadcast type message in the counter report.
How does the hit counter report work?

The hit counter code is usually installed on your home page and updates your hit counter file each time your home page or other page(s) is visited. A visit is defined as a new visit, return visit or reload (refresh) and is counted as a hit. By installing the counter code only on your home page, your counter will report very accurate numbers reflecting the actual number of visits to your website opposed to the number of pages visited on your website.

We include two brief lines of CGI/Perl code close to the bottom of your home page. For each visit, the program code connects to our web server to update your counter file and returns the results to your home page to display your total accumulated hits.

The program is configured to generate a report and email the report to the owner each time the counter is incremented and the date has changed. Since the date changes every night at midnight (CST), the next visit to your home page will cause your counter to increment by 1 and generate a report that is emailed to you either daily or on a specific day of the week.

If you do not receive an emailed report on a particular day, then it can be assumed that your home page had no visits after midnight (CST) of the previous day or your counter may be configured for a specific day of the week opposed to daily. In this case and if you visit your home page, a report will be generated and emailed to you accordingly.

What does the hit counter report look like?

COUNTER SUMMARY - Generated Thu Feb 3 22:00:39 2022
FOR: Your Business Name   URL:
This report date: 02/03/2022 on day #4 Thursday (reporting last 7 days)

    Your counter reported ( 25 ) total hits last Sunday.
    Your counter reported ( 36 ) total hits last Monday.
    Your counter reported ( 30 ) total hits last Tuesday.
    Your counter reported ( 41 ) total hits last Wednesday.
    Your counter reported ( 38 ) total hits last Thursday.
    Your counter reported ( 39 ) total hits last Friday.
    Your counter reported ( 30 ) total hits last Saturday.

Last seven day total hits: ( 239 ) and daily average: ( 34.14 ).
Last website activity date: ( 02/02/2022 on Wednesday ).
Your hit counter currently reads: ( 714,534 ).

About this hit report:
Your website presence:
Revised 02/03/2022 by Chester County Sites (

How do you read this report?
  1. The date and time the report is generated is located at the top of the report.
  2. The totals hits for each of the last seven days are included in the report.
  3. This week accumulative hits and average are included in the report.
    The accumulative hits and average reported is from Sunday to the last reported date.
    In this example, Sunday through Monday (reporting Monday's activity).
  4. Last seven day total hits and average are included in the report.
    The total hits and average reported is from Sunday to Saturday (one week).
  5. The total hits accumulated from start to date is included in the report.
  6. The bottom portion of the report prints the report date and last report date.
    At times, we may use this are to broadcast a message to our counter users.
Can we customize this report?
  • We can configure your counter to be visible or invisible.
  • We can configure your counter to send the email report to any email address.
  • We can configure your counter to send the email report to you either daily, certain days, or weekly.
  • We can configure your counter to not send you an email report or not.
  • We can add or remove the counter upon your request.
Page hit counting requires frequent server resources to capture each visit to your home page and hundreds of other pages simultaneously. Page hit counting requires much more server resources to capture each visit to each page on your website (multiple pages).

Although the home page counter is free for our hosting customers, there may be a small monthly fee to add our hit counter code to additional or every page on your website. in this case, your counter will report page hits opposed to home page or specific page hits.

The hit counter is a convenient tool to monitor your website hits, but we also provide our website hosting members one of two full-featured, web-based, website statistics programs: Advanced Web Statistics (AWStats) or Webalizer for free. You should review both reports on a regular basis. Reviewing both reports will reveal information to you that will help you identify problems and develop better website marketing strategies.

For suggestions or comments in regard to our hit counter program, please contact us.

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